Fatherhood: Mentors and Inspiration.

Guest Post: On Becoming a Father.

Jaide asked me to contribute to her blog, which I of course agreed to. I hadn’t realised that would include contributing my own words, thinking that ideas and suggestions would suffice. ‘Fatherhood’ was the brief, and these thoughts are directed at the dads in the earlier stages of their parenting vocation.

On social media, there is a serious lack of positive attention given to the role of fathers. They are often portrayed as bumbling or irresponsible fools, either the ‘funny’ parent who doesn’t take things seriously or as the disciplining ‘big-gun’ for when Mum’s other tactics have failed. Continue reading “Fatherhood: Mentors and Inspiration.”

Multiple-Personality Disorder of “Mummy”.

Some days I feel as though it is simply misplaced – like a lost sock – lamentable, potentially permanent and large part of myself but not really the end of the world. On others it feels completely sucked into the black hole of nappies, toys and tracksuit pants, never to be seen again. And sometimes it feels completely defined and inspired by the mini people clutching at my legs, pulling at my hair and clinging to my heart. ‘Myself’ has become a variable concept.

Continue reading “Multiple-Personality Disorder of “Mummy”.”

Places: Bolsover Castle.

We are one month off our two year anniversary of moving from Australia to the UK and I still am not accustomed to the sheer wealth of places, brimming with history and beauty, that are practically on our doorstep. We could go somewhere different every weekend for the entire year and still not exhaust Derbyshire!

We spent New Years Eve exploring Bolsover Castle, trying not to lose our fingers to the biting cold, or our enthusiasm on the blistering wind, and we succeeded on both counts (thank goodness!). Continue reading “Places: Bolsover Castle.”

New Year, New Goals.

So here I present to you the mandatory New Year’s Resolution post, in which I make every attempt to ignore the half-eaten block of Galaxy sitting next to me and reflect upon 2015s successes and failings in order to commit, wholeheartedly, to a more productive, inspirational year. Continue reading “New Year, New Goals.”

Reality Check!

It has been one of those days… but as this series of 12 posts is intended to give a complete taster of A Life With Littles, I present: the ‘short-and-sweet-because-I-ran-out-of-time-post. Such is life I’m afraid!

Another date with The Doctor is in order (gee this series is addictive!) to help us unwind after a busy day doing Second Christmas with the in-laws. So bon soir mes amis and see you tomorrow for a post with a titch more substance!

Allons y!

Jaide x

A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to A Life With Littles and Happy Christmas! I am so pleased to have you here for the first post of my new blog (the partridge in the young pear tree, if you will) – and what better day to launch than on the first day of all new things?

Welcome, welcome, welcome to A Life With Littles and Happy Christmas! I am so pleased to have you here for the first post of my new blog (the partridge in the young pear tree, if you will) – and what better day to launch than on the first day of all new things? Continue reading “A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”