Now You Are Two.

When you were in
I could not have known
How life would change,
Nor how much I’d grow.
Life held its breath,
Until you were born;
Love did begin
When you were in. Continue reading “Now You Are Two.”

A Letter to My Loves on Valentine’s Day.

It can only be described as I imagine the Dawn of Time might have felt to a ladybird, had she been there… A shift of indescribable proportions on a being so minute and yet so important. Her world as she knew it becomes something so completely different. Continue reading “A Letter to My Loves on Valentine’s Day.”

A Toast to Parents’ Parents.

My heart stands so full of love today with the arrival of G and R’s grandparents from Australia. G has not seen them ‘in the flesh’ since she was four months old and (thanks I am sure to frequent Skype calls) it did not take long for all three to seem completely at ease with one another. It was of course also the first time they have met R, their first grandson, and there was no shortage of cuddles.

Only since having kids have I come to so strongly value the role of grandparents in our lives. Continue reading “A Toast to Parents’ Parents.”