Now You Are Two.

When you were in
I could not have known
How life would change,
Nor how much I’d grow.
Life held its breath,
Until you were born;
Love did begin
When you were in. Continue reading “Now You Are Two.”

A Golden Curiosity: Part One.

A Golden Curiosity.

Amba the river mole was the stubbornest of the stubborn river moles. She would get ideas into her head that no amount of reasoning, pleading nor bribing by her closest friends Butters, Porry and Pip could get out again. Not surprisingly, this led them into a great many undesirable situations that they all (mostly Pip) would rather forget.

As most days begin in sunny England with a question of the stability of the weather, Amba was once again staring seriously into her cupboard. Continue reading “A Golden Curiosity: Part One.”